Fuelcell System & Service

Business Area

  • 01

    Fuecell System

    Specialized in test-stations and
    system for all types of fuel cells

  • 02


    Offering tailored solutions by integrating various device and equipment into a cohesive system based on specific needs and requirements

  • 03

    New & Renewable Energy

    A renewable energy source
    that can replace oil

  • 04

    Research Equipment

    Development of equipment
    for experimental research

Technology development

Acquisition of Technology

Acquisition of diverse technologies for fuel cell systems such as PEMFC, MCFC, SOFC, and others

Equipment manufacturing technology
through combination of industrial parts

  • Micro Thickness Measuring Equipment
  • Cell High Frequency Resistance Measuring Equipment
  • Catalytic Burner for MCFC
  • Gas Distribution Test Equipment
  • Ion Detection Test Equipment

Design technology of SOFC, PEM,
MCFC System

  • 1kW SOFC System
  • PEMFC Stack/Cell Test Station
  • PEMFC Activation Station
  • MCFC Test Station
  • SOFC & SOEC Test Station
  • PEMFC & MCFC Humidifier Test Station
  • Blower Test Station
  • Valve Test Staion for Fuel Cell Vehicles
  • Fuel Cell Heater Durability Evaluation Device

Program(software) control

  • Gas Analysis System
  • Air Compressor Performance Test
  • Measurement of vehicle exhaust
  • Furnace System Automation
  • Electrical Connection Monitoring Using Contact Resistance Measurement

Various engineering technology

  • Control Logic Development using PLC and Labview


Major Customers

P&P Energytech co

P&P Energytech is a comprehensive engineering solution company for hydrogen energy,
established with the purpose of developing energy technology.